ProSeal Interior

A chemical technology designed to help your vehicle retain its value and new car look for years to come.

Interior Protection

ProSeal Interior Protection for fabric, leather, and vinyl was developed to protect the interior of your vehicle from damage caused by everyday use.

ProSeal Interior

About ProSeal Interior

ProSeal is a two chemical water-based vehicle sealant. Interior treats vinyl, fabric and leather.

Unique ceramic water-based formula. Does not contain solvents and is body shop safe.

Exterior application: During the wash / dry process.

Interior application: Spray over fabric. Wipe on leather & vinyl with a clean microfiber cloth.

30 minutes to treat an entire vehicle and ideal for busy dealerships.

Treat vehicles at time of sale to the customer.

Delivered directly to dealerships in ready to apply gallon containers.

ProSeal Interior Benefits

Water based. Safe to apply in enclosed areas and simple to wipe off overspray.

Traditional petroleum based interior products are now less effective in order to comply with EPA.

Visibly neutral, with no greasy feel or distraction to driver from reflection of sunlight on dashboard.

Ready mixed and sprayed directly onto fabric, wiped over vinyl and leather with a clean microfiber cloth.

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