Water Based

Ceramic Sealant

Proseal Ceramic is a game changer with its premiere product and service that leaves a showroom like finish on the exterior and a hydrophobic protection for the interior.

  • Interior & Exterior Protection Solutions
  • Quick & Easy Application
  • Consistent Servicing through our Chemical Butler
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Common pain points with chemicalsin the automotive space

  • Customers having to comeback for application
  • Possibility of the process affecting CSI
  • Complex application techniques
  • Insufficient chemical quality and durability
  • Lack of training for detail staff & sales professionals
  • Zero protocol for inventory control


As a Service

Our Chemical Butler’s mission is to equip dealerships to ensure their success with the product.

  • Trains your dealership’s Sales and F&I Staff
  • Trains your Detail Technicians
  • Product Knowledge Sessions
  • Chemical Inventory Control
  • Progress updates for management & ownership
Your Chemical Butler


Product & Service

ProSeal Ceramic leaves a showroom like finish on the exterior and a hydrophobic protection for the interior. We’ve  combined the quick and easy application with superior, consistent servicing that satisfies both the customer and the selling dealerships experience expectations. 

Interior & Exterior Protection

  • Interior treats vinyl, fabric and leather. Exterior treats painted surfaces.
  • Unique ceramic water-based formula. Does not contain solvents and is body shop safe.
  • 30 minutes to treat an entire vehicle Interior and ideal for busy dealerships. Exterior applied within 15 minutes.

Product FAQ

Check out our frequently asked questions!

How long does it take to apply?

The Exterior can be put on during the wash process and takes less than 10 minutes to apply. The Interior takes 15 minutes to apply and only 1 hour to dry, but you can put plastic seat covers over it for the customer to drive home.

What are the terms of coverage?

5 years for new; 3 years for used.

Does it cover windshield?

Yes, it pays to repair any rock chips that can be filled with resin or if the windshield has to be replaced we will pay up to $750 of the insurance deductible to have it replaced. 

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