ProSeal Exterior

ProSeal Exterior provides industry-leading Exterior Paint Protection from environmental perils that impact painted surfaces.

Exterior Protection

ProSeal’s Exterior Vehicle Sealant has all the benefits of a ceramic coating for automotive paint finishes but without the health and safety implications associated with solvent-based versions. Our sealant uses a unique water-based emulsion to deliver ceramic polymer protection to the painted surfaces.  The water-based emulsion carries the protective poly-ceramic polymers onto the painted surface allowing them to spread evenly and safely. With no Volatile Organic Chemical content, there are no environmental issues and no health risk implications for the technician performing the application.

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About ProSeal Exterior

ProSeal Exterior is a Ceramic water-based vehicle sealant.


Does not contain solvents and is body shop safe.


Exterior application only: During the washing / dry process.


Quick to apply and ideal for preload and vehicle lot protection.


Delivered directly to dealerships in ready to apply gallon containers.

ProSeal Exterior Benefits

Protects vehicle exteriors whilst sitting on the lot.

Allows simple upsell from a 1 year preload into a full interior / exterior program.

Apply whist washing vehicle, with 30 second application time.

In built rinse aid speeds up vehicle drying time.

Apply over paint, metal, plastic, rubber and glass.

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