ProSeal Dealers

ProSeal Ceramic interior & exterior provide your customers with the strongest protection on the market along with superior coverage to put them at ease. The program includes the following major benefits to your dealership:

  • Two chemicals that really work to treat an entire vehicle.
  • Both chemicals are water-based, safe for staff, and with no active silicon or petroleum, and body shop safe.
  • 30 seconds to spray on the exterior during the wash process and the vehicle looks amazing.
  • One chemical to treat the interior – deals with non-application issues due to time restraints and unmotivated staff.
  • 30 minutes to treat an entire vehicle inside and out!
  • No need to bring the vehicle back in a few weeks and have to reclean it – keeps getting ready staff happy 😊
  • Reduced cost from the get-ready department – they can treat two vehicles in an hour 

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