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Exterior benefits of ProSeal Ceramic:

  • Protects vehicle exteriors from environmental damage while sitting on the lot.
  • Allows simple upsell from a 1-year preload into a full interior / exterior program.
  • Apply while washing the vehicle, with 30 second application time.
  • Built-in rinse aid speeds up vehicle drying time.
  • Apply over paint, metal, plastic, rubber, and glass.
  • 1 minute how to apply video Link.

Interior benefits of ProSeal Ceramic:

  • Water-based. Safe to apply in enclosed areas and simple to wipe off overspray.
  • Traditional petroleum-based interior products are now less effective in order to comply with EPA, ours outperforms them all, safely.
  • Visibly neutral, with no greasy feel or distraction to the driver from the reflection of sunlight on the dashboard.
  • Ready-mixed and sprayed directly onto the fabric, wiped over vinyl and leather with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • 1 minute how to apply video Link

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